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Paniques morales

Au détour d’une note, dans un article de Chris Warne qui promet d’être intéressant :

This has not prevented rap from being subject to attempts at social control from various authorities and regulative authorities, if not outright suppression. See Warne, Chris, “The mean(ing of the) streets: reading urban cultures in contemporary France”, in Blowen, Sarah, Demoissier, Marion and Picard, Jeanine (eds), Recollections of France. Oxford, Berghahn, 2000, 226–245 and Warne, Chris, “Curiosity, fear and control: the ambiguous representation of hip-hop on French television”, in Roberts, Emily and Scriven, Michael (eds), Group Identities on French and British Television. Oxford, Berghahn, 2003, 108–118.

Le second des deux articles mentionnés est presque entièrement consultable via googlebooks.